Meteorological Network :

The institute operates its own monitoring stations; in addition to the available database from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and the Egyptian Meteorological Agency (EMA). The meteorological data includes about 72 weather stations and digital rainfall recorders covering Sinai Peninsula, Eastern desert, Northwestern coast from Alexandria to El Salum, and the Nile valley (Upper Egypt).

 54 Rain gages in Sinai. 17 Rain gages in upper Egypt. 6 Rain gages in Eastern desert. 3 Northern shore. Two stations in Suez gulf area 

 Total meteorological stations to measure (Rain, heat, wind,...). 6 in south sinai. 7 north sinai

HEC-RAS 5.0: is used to perform two-dimensional (2D) flood wave propagation. to map spatial variation of flood depths and velocities, to assess flood risks. The model is also used to design culverts, weirs and bridges; calculations of erosion and sediment transport, and water temperature/water quality modeling