The department is responsible for hydrological analysis in wadi systems for both water harvesting and hazards management. Flash floods in Wadi systems cause severe damages, especially in infrastructure such as roads and buildings as well as the environment and the human life. These associated problems are expected to increase in the future due to climate changes. The department performs technical studies to provide low cost technique for water harvesting and risk mitigation. The department develops Atlas for each governorate to provide decision-makers with useful information to plan for new communities and land developments.


  • To take precautionary measures against and mitigate the effects of flash flood hazards.
  • To bring sustainable development of natural water resources
  • To set networks for rainfall and discharge monitoring.
  • To develop studies for water harvesting and risk mitigation.
  • To model the flash flood phenomena physically and mathematically.
  • To study the rainfall pattern and develop design storm.
  • To calibrate the hydrological models and adjust different hydrological parameters.
  • To solve practical problems of data shortage.
  • To undertake international collaboration for all the institute activities.



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